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                                   NON-CLASSICAL FUNCTIONALS AND THE MINIMUM PRINCIPLE                                           OF THE GENERALIZED WORK FUNCTIONAL 


Gushchina Alina Anatolevna, the post-graduate student, the Penza state university,
Kemalov Berik Kairovich, the chief of educational department, the Military man of institute of Forces of air defence (Kazakhstan, Aktobe),
Lapshin Edward Vladimirovich, a Dr. Sci. Tech., the professor, chair of designing and radio equipment manufacture, the Penza state university, 

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The determined model of operated process in the differentsialnooperational form which possesses a considerable generality is considered. For the specified model of operated process it is resulted classical target functional Bolza and it is offered functional of the generalised work (FGW), which concerns to nonclassical functionals. Name FGW is conditional and can express not power, but information expenses, or both that and another together. 

Key words

system identification, control theory, funktsional. 

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